Eurasia Institutes (EI) is made up of four independent institutes and centers: Center for East European and Russian Studies (CEERS); Center for  Eurasian and Central Asian Studies (CECAS); Institute for Human Rights, Peace and Development (IHRPD), and Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER). Their research agendas cover a wide range of areas: from politics and institutions to economy and societal change, from human rights to conflict resolution across the post-Soviet space and beyond.

With a broad variety of research capabilities and a large network of professionals, EI is uniquely placed to develop ideas and provide actionable recommendations to governments, international organizations, civil society organizations and individuals. 


We generate ideas, design, and implement tailor-made solutions. EI is diverse in its research agendas and methodologies - building links between global and Eurasian politics and building bridges between the study of countries and regions. Research follows a broad interdisciplinary approach and focuses on four main research areas:

Human rights and democracy

EI tracks, analyzes, and evaluates the causes and patterns of human right violations in post-communist countries, and offers recommendations to address them and prevent future abuses.

Conflict, peace, and development

EI provides unique data on high and low-intensity conflicts in conflict-prone Eurasian regions, evaluates the efforts to resolve them, and provides recommendations for conflict prevention, mediation, and post-conflict reconstruction.

Geopolitics and foreign policy

EI carries out unbiased and rigorous analysis of country-specific foreign policy challenges amidst volatile Eurasian geopolitics.  

 Political and economic risks

EI offers political and economic risk analysis for post-Soviet countries, and provides country-specific assessments of the investment climate.



The EI works with partners throughout the United States, Europe, and Central Asia, which share similar objectives. We engage with other research institutes in post-Soviet countries, exchanging ideas and conducting joint projects



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